New line of thermal packaging hits the market


Pre-qualified 2-8°C shippers are designed for vaccines and biologics

Packaging Technology Group, Inc., a provider of thermal packaging for the biopharmaceutical and life sciences sector, has initiated a new line of off-the-shelf pre-qualified shippers, including an eco-friendly alternative.

As pharmaceutical manufacturers race to respond to the global health crisis with a vaccine, the need to protect any potential vaccine's temperature tolerance remains a priority. The World Health Organization reports that up to 50 percent of vaccines are wasted each year, often due to inadequate temperature control in the supply chain.

The new off-the-shelf line includes small, medium and large shippers that all maintain a temperature profile of 2-8°C for 48 to 96 hours. Each shipper has a qualified design to perform in the summer and winter seasons.

The pre-qualified products are offered in four different insulating materials, including expanded polystyrene, cellulose, vacuum insulated panels and polyurethane.

The shippers in the cellulose line are 100 percent curbside recyclable and certified re-pulpable, so the entire box can be disposed of in a standard recycling bin. In addition, Packaging Technology reports that, to date, it has helped save roughly 400,000 pounds of expanded polystyrene from landfills.

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