New, reusable courier transit case offers temperature protection for last-mile or clinical-sample delivery


Intelsius introduces the BioCarrier line of containers

At the recent IIRUSA Partnerships in Clinical Trials meeting (Orlando, FL, Apr. 21-24), DGP Intelsius (US HQ, Indianapolis) introduced its BioCarrier line of containers, but with an eye toward last-mile delivery of temperature-sensitive products to patients as well. The BioCarrier line features a ruggedized polymer outer layer, an expanded polypropylene insulated liner, and 12-h, 2-8°C operating range with an Intelsius phase-change material, or 18 hours with dry ice. The containers are pre-printed with UN3373 labels for the shipment of Category B biological samples. (“Category B” is a classification by the UN and the International Air Transport Assn. for potentially infectious—but not life-threatening—biological materials.) Three sizes are available in the range 6.1 to 16.7 L. The outer cases have clasps that enable the lid to be secured, and the cases to be stacked and locked together.

“Keeping people safe while samples or medicines are being transported around town is the primary reason for creating the BioCarrier line of products,” says David Walsh, Intelsius CEO. “This is a regulatory compliant solution rather than couriers carrying samples or medicines from clinic to clinic or pharmacy to pharmacy in picnic coolers.”

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