New temperature indicator targets vaccine wastage


Can monitor vials for temperature breaches at any point in cold chain, developer says

Timestrip, a global technology company, has introduced a new temperature indicator that helps healthcare professionals prevent wasting vaccines. When traveling from point A to B with packs of vaccine vials, the vaccine freezer monitor known as VFM -7°C is activated just when monitoring is necessary, according to Timestrip.

To start the indicator, one presses a button on the back, and then it can quickly be placed in the packaging, along with the frozen vaccine vials, the company says. From there, VFM -7°C follows the temperature, and displays an alert if temperatures go above -7°C (19°F). If this occurs, the vaccine should be discarded or sent out for examination.

A built-in window shows the duration of the breach up to 72 hours—if temperatures rise well above the -7°C marker, the window will fill faster, reflecting the effect of temperature on delicate vaccines, Timestrip explains. The company says VFM -7⁰C can be activated at any point in the cold chain. The liquid-based indicators are inert prior to use, and they can be stored in the freezer, refrigerator or room temperature.

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