Novo Nordisk Financially Commits $4.1 Billion Toward Growing US Manufacturing Capabilities


The North Carolina project adds 1.4 million square feet of dedicated production space for aseptic manufacturing and finished production processes.

Image Credit: Novo Nordisk

Image Credit: Novo Nordisk

As noted in a recent Pharma Pulse,1 Novo Nordisk plans to invest $4.1 billion toward the construction of a second fill-finish manufacturing plant in Clayton, NC, which will expand the company’s efforts in to creating injectable treatments for individuals with obesity and other chronic diseases.2

The 56-acre project is expected to add 1.4 million square feet of production space for aseptic manufacturing and finished production processes, thereby doubling the combined square footage of all three of the company’s current North Carolina facilities. The company is calling this manufacturing investment one of the largest manufacturing investments in Novo Nordisk’s history.

Such a financial commitment will also open up 1,000 new jobs, combined with the nearly 2,500 Novo Nordisk employees already working in the region.

“It took us a century to reach 40 million patients, but through this expansion and continued investment in our global production, we’re building Novo Nordisk’s ability to serve millions more people living with serious chronic diseases in the future,” said Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, president and CEO of Novo Nordisk. “This is yet another real signal of our efforts to scale up our production to meet the growing global need for our life-changing medicines and the patients of tomorrow.”

With a combination of water strategies, roof-top solar panels and other technology, the facility merges sustainability and efficiency in order to deliver high-quality products to patients. Ultimately, Novo is looking to obtain LEED Gold certification, often known as a “standard of excellence” in designing carbon and cost-saving green buildings.

“Clayton was the first manufacturing site for Novo Nordisk in the US, and this new, large-scale investment confirms the continued importance of our production facilities there as cornerstones of our company’s growth,” commented Henrik Wulff, EVP, product supply, quality & IT, Novo Nordisk. “For decades, we have partnered to foster a well-trained, dedicated and diverse local workforce in North Carolina. In Clayton and across our global manufacturing sites, we are driven by one purpose: to deliver more for the millions of people living with chronic diseases – and this facility will help us achieve just that.”

Construction is anticipated to be finalized between 2027 and 2029. Managed by BE&K Building Group. Around 2,000 external contractors will be involved in the project.

“It’s a historic day for Johnston County,” noted Butch Lawter, chair of the Johnston County Board of Commissioners, who recently announced county grants to support the expansion project. “Thirty-one years ago, Novo Nordisk decided to make a new home here in Clayton. Then, in 2016, they announced a new facility right across the street - the single largest life sciences investment on state record at the time. Today, they’re breaking that record again… with a third facility, 1,000 new jobs and a vote of confidence in the partnerships we have forged in the community over the decades.”

By year’s end, in order to boost supply, Novo Nordisk is anticipated to raise its production investments, as it plans to invest approximately $6.8 billion in production, compared to last year’s actual investment of $3.9 billion.


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