Omnicare Specialty expands its offices; scores another client


Company is part of limited distribution for a Lundbeck neurologic treatment

Business is looking good at Omnicare Specialty Care Group (SCG), a business unit of the Cincinnati company best known for its pharmaceutical services for long-term, assisted-living and other types of chronic care. SCG has opened a new, 75,000-sq.ft. facility in Louisville, KY, for its RxCrossroads unit, dedicated to brand support for specialty pharmaceuticals—more than doubling the RxCrossroads capacity. The building will house RxCrossroads management, HR, IT functions as well as employee training.

“This expansion comes as a result of the double-digit growth in the Specialty Care Group (SCG) segment, and better positions RxCrossroads to fulfill the evolving long-term needs of our customers,” said Amit Jain, SVP, in a statement. “The additional capacity enables us to continue providing unmatched brand support services and customized solutions in the ever-changing healthcare environment.”

At about the same time, SCG announced another client win: the Northera (droxidopa) business of Lundbeck. Northera, recently approved by FDA, is a treatment for symptomatic neurogenic orthostatic hypertension (NOH) caused by underlying neurologic diseases like Parkinson’s. The Advanced Care Scripts unit of SCG, a specialty pharmacy in Orlando, FL, will provide reimbursement services, financial and clinical support, and patient adherence, as part of a limited distribution network for Lundbeck.

SCG is one of a number of specialty-pharmaceutical services companies in the hub services business, coordinating complex care and distribution services for pharma brands.

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