Options for frozen cold-chain shipping, storage multiply


PharmaPort -20C container is launched; Sentry BoPharma opens a -45C depot

Cool Container’s PharmaPort -20C

While most temperature-controlled biopharmaceuticals need to stay in the 2-8°C range, there are some frozen products, and there are many clinical trial materials (CTMs) or bulk intermediates, that require frozen conditions. For those needs, Cool Containers (Marietta, OH) is now offering the PharmaPort -20C, a pallet-sized, 500-kg container. PharmaPort entered the temperature-controlled container market a couple years ago and then struck an exclusive arrangement with UPS for its 2-8°C containers. The new unit (which Cool Containers will market on its own) applies similar technology—active cooling by means of a eutectic energy-storage plate and fan system (thus avoiding the use of a powered compressor)—with vacuum-panel insulation for maintaining -20°C storage for over 30 hours at room temperature conditions.

According to Michael Rosenblum, business development manager for the firm, the unit could change the delivery practices of frozen life sciences products, which tend to ship in small parcels with dry ice; now, pallet-size shipments will be possible.

Meanwhile, Sentry BioPharma Services (Indianapolis) has launched a -45°C environmental room for CTMs and bulk cGMP storage. The 1,200-sq.ft. chamber complements existing ambient (15-25°C), refrigerated (2-8°C), frozen (-15 to -25°C) and ultra-low (-70 to -90°C) chambers. The company provides storage, supply chain management, commercial distribution and clinical packaging services.

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