Optum Perks Follows Recent Trend of Expanded Telehealth Options


Offerings include treatment plans for a considerable number of illnesses and conditions, company says.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Elnur

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Elnur

Optum Perks, a discount prescription provider, has officially launched a new telehealth solution seeking to provide affordable care and prescription treatments for various conditions. According to the company, the service will provide users with access to reasonably priced healthcare fully online.

Additionally, the service doesn’t require scheduling or video chat. Some of its features include refilling existing medications and obtaining cold or flu medications. In order to obtain treatment, patients must fill out a quick questionnaire explaining their symptoms. From there, A certified provider will diagnose and determine means of treatment. Teaming up with 65,000 US pharmacies, Optum Perks stated that patients are guaranteed to receive treatment plans in 15 minutes or less.1

"The new offering strengthens Optum Perks' commitment to providing low-cost prescriptions to all regardless of insurance status," said Ken Malley, president, Optum Perks, in a company press release. "All Americans deserve access to affordable healthcare. Optum Perks online care combined with the Optum Perks discount card allows patients who might have skipped important medications or gone without a diagnosis to save money with an accessible alternative."

Optum Perks wasn’t the only company to launch telehealth services this month, as digital solutions to make healthcare more convenient and accessible have accelerated rapidly. As previously reported on, Lilly announced the launch of LillyDirect, its own digital healthcare experience. The service seeks to pair patients directly with telehealth providers, skipping the process of going through a physician in order to obtain prescriptions.2,3

Not long after the Lilly announcement, the Mayo Clinic announced the launch of its own telehealth program focused on accessing GLP-1 weight-loss medications. Its weight loss program will reportedly provide lab testing to confirm a number of helpful tools for those enrolled.4

There are also efforts to provide access to telehealth in rural areas. Equum Medical announced plans to collaborate with the University of Mississippi to solve healthcare challenges that underserved populations in rural Mississippi face through telehealth solutions. According to Equum Medical, the purpose of the initiative is to provide an example for other organizations aiming to provide telehealth services to other underserved populations.5

“Equum Medical is proud to work with the University of Mississippi Medical Center in the effort to transform rural healthcare, said Corey Scurlock, MD, MBA, CEO of Equum Medical, in a company press release. “We have a shared vision of leveraging technology to overcome barriers to healthcare access."


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