Panalpina opens a dedicated cold-chain facility in San Juan, PR


Promoted as 'the coolest spot in the Caribbean,' the 6,000-sq. ft. facility will handle healthcare products and related chemical transshipments

Later this week, Panalpina is cutting the ribbon on an expansion of its existing, 37,000-sq. ft. logistics center in San Juan, PR, to included validated cold-chain storage, in a multi-zoned controlled refrigeration space. The facility is two miles from the San Juan International Airport. Panalpina can arrange dedicated flights for shippers from there, as well as connect San Juan to the global “own controlled air freight network” that Panalpina operates. Few third-party logistics firms operate their own air fleet; Panalpina, which also has extensive ocean and ground transportation globally, has exclusive leases on a group of B-747 aircraft to handle its own international cargo. The fleet has a geographically diverse range of regular runs between Europe, North and South America, and a variety of locations in Asia.

The San Juan facility has onsite customs services, cross-dock and consolidation capabilities, and kitting and pick-and-pack services. Panalpina is also certified under the QEP program, operated by refrigerated-container supplier Envirotainer, for managing shipments protected by the latter’s storage devices.

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