ParcelShield Announces Agreement with Walmart Specialty Pharmacy to Expand Services


ParcelShield Holdings (Orlando, FL), a provider of technology-enabled predictive parcel tracking and patient engagement solutions for the healthcare industry, has announced an agreement with Walmart Specialty Pharmacy to launch ParcelShield Intelligent Tracking and Planning Solution.

According to ParcelShield, the solution, which is designed to prevent parcel delays before shipping, ”enables near real-time tracking and data-analytics capabilities into the location of the shipments and analyze any risk delivery of the packages.“ Its proactive insights and analytics ”help to deliver better patient experience, preventing disruption across the patient medication delivery journey— down to the last mile.“

Guillermo Sollberger, CEO of ParcelShield, explained that the company is working with Walmart Specialty Pharmacy “to leverage ParcelShield’s proprietary artificial intelligence and predictive models to make better and informed decisions about when and how to ship critical temperature-sensitive patient medication, analyze parcel risk throughout the journey, and deliver patients the best experience possible.”

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