PDI upgrades PD One, its rep-communications platform


New interfaces and real-time analytics

PDI (Parsippany, NJ), one of the leading contract-sales organizations in the US, has carried out an upgrade of its PD One platform, a version of e-detailing that company CEO Nancy Lurker compares to a “LinkedIn for sales reps.” The software enables reps to maintain a compliant communications channel with physicians and other healthcare clients, by conveying approved text and messages to physicians whose addresses are stored in the system. (Last year, the company announced a partnership with Veeva, whereby the latter’s master data-management resources would be incorporated into PD One.) Available for several years now, the platform now has enhanced user interfaces, a dashboard for reviewing data, and capabilities for analyzing physician preferences and information searches. Besides sending approved emails to physicians, the platform enables physicians to connect with their reps for purposes such as ordering samples, requesting clinical information or followup meetings.

PD One is used by over 500 reps (which represents roughly half of the reps that work in the PDI organization); Lurker says that three key pharma clients also use it for their own salesforces.

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