Pelican BioThermal adds blanket covers to its product line


Insulcap thermal barriers are sourced from Wilpak Global

As an extension to its various brands of thermal packaging—Crēdo, Chronos, Coolpall—Pelican BioThermal is partnering with an Australian firm, Wilpak Group, to provide thermal pallet

covers to its clients. Wilpak has been providing thermal protective solutions for over a decade; its Insulcap line of covers feature a multilayer material that includes a foil/air/foil barrier for both conductive and radiant heat.

Thermal covers (blankets) have been increasingly common in pharma supply chains in the past few years; they are best suited for minimizing spikes in ambient temperature conditions, and are sometimes being used without insulating containers for short-duration transport, or for controlled room-temperature (CRT) shipments.

According to Wilpak, the Insulcap covers are durable, reusable, and recyclable.

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