Pelican BioThermal unveils 'School of Cool'


Resource aims to boost tech aptitude in temperature-controlled packaging field

Pelican BioThermal introduced School of Cool, an online learning platform that's goal is to help customers and distributors build proficiency in temperature-controlled packaging technology. The new training program provides on-demand, self-service training at a time when instruction has taken a virtual shift, while demand for these types of packaging options continues to increase.

School of Cool is used to develop and provide content for various industries, such as pharma, healthcare, biotech and general business. The first four training modules the company offers include:

  • What is Temperature Controlled Packaging? - Introduces new and potential customers to the temperature-controlled packaging industry and the mechanical properties of insulation.
  • Types of Temperature Controlled Packaging - Explains the types of temperature-controlled packaging and optimal use case for each, including payload capacities and temperature ranges.
  • Phase Change Material - Brings attention to the types of phase change materials and how they maintain designated temperature ranges throughout the entire product transport.
  • Phase Change Material Conditioning - Covers how to prepare temperature-controlled packaging coolants for use before pack out.

Plans to add more lessons are in the works, including those that address product temperature ranges, parcels versus pallets, dry ice shippers and Pelican BioThermal's new NanoCool push-button cooling technology, which was part of an acquisition the company made early this year.

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