Pelican BioThermal will supply Zuellig's cold chain packaging in Asia


Rollout in 12 countries begins in Vietnam

Zuellig Pharma (Hong Kong), a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, sales and marketing outsourcing and related commercialization services, has struck a partnership with Pelican BioThermal (Minneapolis) to use the latter’s Credo and associated thermal packaging solutions for shipping temperature-controlled products. Other Pelican products included in the partnership are the Credo Extreme, ProMed and DuraCube. In addition, Pelican’s ProEnvision software, which is used to manage a reuse and reconditioning program for the packages, will be deployed.

“The deployment of the Credo Cube will only further strengthen Zuellig’s leading position in the provision of cold chain solutions for the pharmaceutical industry,” said Darren Wedding, SVP, Operations, at Zuellig, in a statement. David Williams, president of Pelican BioThermal, added that “With our Asian headquarters being based in Singapore we are ideally placed to support Zuellig Pharma with replacement parts for refurbishment, offer ongoing training, in addition to providing backup if they need further assistance with any additional service volume.”

The Credo Cube, introduced several years ago, features vacuum panel insulation and high-performance phase-change materials to ensure the integrity of temperature-controlled shipments. Last year, the company introduced its ProEnvision program to manage reuse of the packages, by tracking their disposition, return and refurbishment.

Vietnam will be the site of the initial rollout, with 11 other countries eventually to be included.

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