Pharma Logistics and ConsortiEX join forces to foster supply chains


Goal is to lower pharma costs and follow DSCSA regulations

Pharma Logistics, a service provider operating out of its new Illinois-based reverse-distribution center, and ConsortiEX, a healthcare pharmacy IT company in Wisconsin, launched a strategic collaboration program, whose aim is to improve inventory efficiency and patient safety, reduce cost, manage cash flow and compliance for their customers.

Highlights of the program include:

  • ConsortiEX’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance takes responsibility for a majority of the work necessary, helping provide a lower cost.
  • Pharma Logistics’ reverse distribution service not only speeds up the process of returning generated credits—it also keeps labor costs for managing those returns at a minimum.
  • ConsortiEX’s services look to provide the most effective way of detecting suspicious drugs, so that these products do not reach the patients.
  • If saleable, unsaleable and recalled drugs need to be returned, Pharma Logistics works to simplify the credit recovery process.

Customers working with both companies will be able to use funds from Pharma Logistics to pay for ConsortiEX resources. And down the road, the organizations plan on assisting their mutual clients by managing drug recalls, optimizing inventory levels and limiting waste by keeping track of items that are close to expiring.

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