Pharma Pulse 3/22/24: More Studies by Columbia Cancer Researches Retracted, Appoints MedTech Veteran as CEO & more


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UCB's Women of Childbearing Age Program

In this Applied Clinical Trials video interview, Marie Teil, Global Head of UCB’s Women of Childbearing Age Program, talks about the program's creation and their most successful strategies for encouraging the inclusion of women of childbearing age in clinical trials.

Caregivers of Patients With HIV Have Both Positive, Negative Experiences

Although caregivers of patients living with HIV are significantly burdened with psychological and physical stresses, some described positive aspects of caregiving.

More Studies by Columbia Cancer Researches Retracted

The studies, pulled because of copied data, illustrate the sluggishness of scientific publishers to address serious errors, experts said. Appoints MedTech Veteran Daniel Hawkins as Chief Executive Officer

VISTA.AI announced the appointment of Daniel Hawkins as President and CEO. The company is an AI-driven MRI image acquisition enabling any MRI technician to consistently produce high quality scans for complex indications quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Nassim Zaagoub on LinkedIn:

The article provides a poignant insight into the vulnerabilities of the United States' pharmaceutical supply chain, emphasizing the heavy reliance on foreign imports for essential medications. By highlighting the significant impact of supply chain disruptions on individuals' access to crucial drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients, the article effectively underscores the urgency of addressing these critical issues. It serves as a compelling call to action, urging stakeholders to recognize and mitigate the challenges posed by delayed shipments, quality control issues, and bottlenecks in the supply chain. This attention to the vulnerabilities of the pharmaceutical supply chain presents an opportunity for the industry to reevaluate and strengthen its resilience, ultimately working towards ensuring a more reliable and sustainable supply chain.

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