Pharma Pulse 5/3/24: Compounded, Counterfeit Semaglutide Poses Severe Risk to Patients, Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Testing Service & more


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Walgreens, Boehringer Ingelheim Agree to Collaboration on Enhancing Clinical Trial Diversity

Partnership expected to utilize Walgreens’ pharmacies as recruitment and trial sites for a clinical study regarding obesity, weight issues, and type 2 diabetes, mainly in historically underrepresented groups.

Compounded, Counterfeit Semaglutide Poses Severe Risk to Patients

Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly have spoken out against the use of their GLP-1 medications for cosmetic weight loss, emphasizing the proper use of their medications.

Wegovy Sales More Than Double as Demand Soars

Sales of blockbuster obesity treatment Wegovy more than doubled in the first quarter as its manufacturer races to make more of the drug to meet surging demand.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New CXCL10 Testing Service

For organ transplant recipients, life post-transplant involves a delicate balance between invasive monitoring and immunosuppression to reduce the risk of rejection, both of which may carry complications. Now, a simple, urine-based assay that detects the CXCL10 chemokine may make care more convenient and less invasive for the nearly 250,000 Americans living with a kidney transplant.

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