Pharma Pulse 6/5/24: Polypharmacy and the Pivotal Role of the Payer, Patients and Data Disrupt the Industry & more


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Patients and Data Disrupt the Life Sciences Industry

We are at the crossroads of transformative change in the ever-evolving life sciences landscape. The journey ahead promises not only technological advancements and groundbreaking innovations but also a fundamental shift toward patient-centric care.

Polypharmacy and the Pivotal Role of the Payer

A SCAN Health Plan "deprescribing" program is working to identify unnecessary prescriptions. In 2023, the program resulted in an estimated $2 million in savings from avoided fractures, falls, visits to the emergency room and other adverse drug events.

Safeguarding Time and Temperature Sensitive Pharma: Quality Management for Ground Transport

Join transportation crime and theft specialist Scott Cornell, Travelers Insurance, and logistics technology solutions expert Wes Kerbuski, DeSpir Logistics, as they share quality management and in-transit security best practices for critical treatments, medicines, and devices.

AI Employees Fear They Aren’t Free to Voice Their Concerns

A group of current and former OpenAI and DeepMind employees want more whistleblower protections and fear retaliation.

UnitedHealthcare Invests $1.5 Million to Expand School-Based Health Care Services across Iowa

Funding provided to school-based telehealth provider Hazel Health, who will partner with school systems across Iowa to enable access to mental health support for approximately 100,000 K-12 students

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