Pharma Pulse 6/7/24: Mark Cuban Talks Drug Pricing, Cost Remains Barrier to Respiratory Care for Patients & more


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Mark Cuban Talks Drug Pricing

Now more than two years into launching his alternative and transparent drug payment model, the longtime entrepreneur, in an interview with Pharm Exec, discusses the prescription drug cost landscape and shares his recipe for true disruption to the pharma pricing machine.

Cost Remains Significant Barrier to Respiratory Care for Patients

By improving health insurance coverage and cost of inhalers, such as out-of-pocket caps, access to care can be increased. Some companies are aiming to improve access by implementing price caps.

Improve Site Experience with Data-Driven Protocol Design

Do you know what challenges are encountered by sites when operationalizing study protocols? In this webinar, learn how specific protocol design elements impact sites’ perception of burden and how this information can be used to improve site experience.

It Looked Like a Reliable News Site. It Was an AI Chop Shop.

BNN Breaking had millions of readers, an international team of journalists and a publishing deal with Microsoft. But it was full of error-ridden content.

BranchLab Launches Privacy-Safe Healthcare Advertising Solution with Seed Funding Round

Amid increased state and industry regulations, BranchLab provides a new solution for healthcare and pharma brands to reach consumers in a privacy-compliant way

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