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With Covid-19 still spreading worldwide, more and more people are focusing on the research and development of medical vaccines. It is well known that as a special product, the safety and quality of medical products are related to the health of every user and social stability. The safety control of medical vaccines runs through every link of research and development, production, transportation and use. Temperature and humidity data logger also plays an irreplaceable role in it.

Like most vaccines, the effective presence of a Covid-19 vaccine needs to be established at extremely low temperatures. After the vaccine leaves the manufacturer and before it reaches the user, a data logger with sensors can detect cold chain breaks before irreversible damage occurs, enhancing the highest benefit of vaccine practitioners.

Elitech Technology, Inc. is a high-tech company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and has 23 years of experience in Cold Chain Monitoring & IoT Solution. It is a outstanding performer in real-time monitoring solutions for pharmaceutical and biological products, fresh fruits and vegetables, cold chain logistics and other industries. Elitech latest series of Glog-2, Ti-1s, logEt1, RCW-360 recording and real-time monitoring equipment are serving customers in the cold chain IoT industry all over the world.

Ti-1S NFC Temperature Indicator is easy to start and stop by breaking the sticker on top/bottom. Fast transfer and view report on your device (phone or tablet) free app by using NFC. Small and light, which is convenient to attach it with any package. Two years battery life, provides temperature-monitoring services for vaccine and medicine from the factory to the final users.

LogEt 1 BIO Single Use Temperature Data Logger is low-power LCD data logger with USB connector and its accuracy is 0.3 degree centigrade.It can generate a PDF data report quickly without any software or cable. It is ideal to monitor temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and vaccine products throughout storage and transport.

RCW-360 Plus is an IoT temperature and humidity data logger that works with 4G or WiFi suitable for a variety of monitoring scenarios. It mainly implements temperature- and humidity-monitoring alarms, remote online real-time query, temperature and humidity data storage, etc. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with ultra-low power consumption can still support real-time data upload and platform alarm services for a long time after powered off. Users can make parameter configuration and graph analysis report export by using the software Elitech ICold on computer and Android or IOS APP on mobile. Both can be easily downloaded here.

Glog-2 is a networked data logger for long-distance transportation monitoring cold chain temperature. It can start temperature, position, and illumination recording without any settings, automatically upload data, and monitor the changes in transit to monitor long-distance freight. Users can download PDF and Excel reports from the software of Elitech Geo. An auto email alert can be sent to user in case of over temperature limit.

The Elitech team is currently searching for partners around the world and is looking forward to driving the development of the industry. Our business and technical teams can select the most suitable product for each application and provide any technical support for customers during our product installation and parameterization.

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