Revitas unveils new functionality in its enterprise-revenue dynamics (ERD) platform


RevitasNOW includes broader analytics of rebate effects with wholesalers and managed markets

In anticipation of its annual users conference (to be held Nov. 5-6 in Philadelphia), Revitas has updated its flagship product, RevitasNow, to include expanded analytics of rebates, which it says will be of particular interest to generics manufacturers and high-volume branded products. A component of RevitasNOW, Revitas Explorer, will have enhanced tools for performing ad-hoc analytics, useful for incentive programs, rebates and related pricing strategies that play out between manufacturers and their trading partners or customers.

The Philadelphia-based company is also strengthening its cloud-based delivery platform, Revitas Flex, to enable better mobile access. The cloud-based platform, besides switching customers of the software from a purchase model to a subscription model, enables users to buy access to the software as their own contract-management needs grow.

“The latest upgrade to the RevitasNOW solution continues our commitment to providing robust, cutting-edge ERD solutions to support emerging growth companies through their development and help them prepare for future growth,” said Al Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer at Revitas. “With deeper insight into revenue management processes through simplified analytics and enhanced mobile access RevitasNOW further optimizes contract, pricing, and compliance management, offering growing companies a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective ERD solution that supports accelerated growth.”

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