Sandoz, Adalvo Agree to Exclusively Commercialize Products in the US


The treatments span various therapeutic areas, from antibiotic to oncology.

Multicolored tablets on white background. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/grthirteen

Sandoz, who specializes in generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars, has signed a distribution and collaboration agreement with Adalvo for exclusive Sandoz rights to commercialize six products in the US across various therapeutic areas, including antifungal/antibiotic, oncology, and pulmonary.

These products, which are expected to launch near- to mid-term starting in 2024, have a total addressable market size of approximately $3 billion, which will help expand the Sandoz product pipeline in the US generics market.

“Sandoz is putting patients first by securing the rights to bring more affordable, equally effective treatments for a range of disorders that collectively affect millions of people in the US every year,” says Keren Haruvi, president, Sandoz Inc.

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