Sanofi Launches New Insight-Driven App

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Using AI and data science, ‘plai’ is expected to assist employees with making everyday decisions, including the manufacturing of vaccines.

Sanofi has rolled out “plai,” an app developed with artificial intelligence (AI) platform company Aily Labs that delivers real-time, reactive data interactions and gives a 360° view across all Sanofi activities.


The app aggregates available company internal data across functions and uses AI to provide timely insights and personalized “what if” scenarios to help Sanofi teams’ decision makers with making assessments in what the company describes as “a simple and modern digital user experience.”

“Our ambition is to become the first pharma company powered by artificial intelligence at scale, giving our people tools and technologies that focus on insights and allow them to make better everyday decisions. The use of artificial intelligence and data science already support our teams’ efforts in areas such as accelerating drug discovery, enhanced clinical trial design, and improving manufacturing and supply of medicines and vaccines,” says Paul Hudson, Sanofi CEO. “We have just scratched the surface as to how we embrace these disruptive technologies to achieve our ambition of transforming the practice of medicine.”