Savsu Technologies partners with BioLife Solutions to provide temperature-controlled biologics packaging


Cells, tissues and regenerative-medicine materials, in biobanking or clinical research, are the focus

Hypothermic—below body temperature, extending into cryopreservation—storage and shipping is vital to clinical research involving biological materials, cells and tissues. It is coming to the fore through research in stem-cell therapies, regenerative medicine and the existing therapeutic practices of blood-product treatments, tissue implants and the like. BioLife Solutions (Bothell, WA) has built up a substantial business in providing storage and cryopreservation media since the mid-2000s, providing materials and services to clinics, research facilities and biobanking interests.

Now, the company is partnering with Savsu Technologies (Santa Fe, NM) to distribute the latter’s packaging materials for cold-chain shipping. According to a joint release, BioLife will be the exclusive distributor for the stem-cells and regenerative medicine market. “This partnership will expand opportunities for BioLife to help our customers further optimize and improve the critical yield and cost dynamics of transporting biologic source materials and manufactured cell and tissue products within a required and validated temperature range,” according to Mike Rice, BioLife CEO.

Savsu manufactures reusable shipping containers, featuring a proprietary nanoporous silica insulation, under the brand names NanoQ, PHD and CryoQ, in capacities up to several liters.

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