Savsu upgrades its cold-chain, cellular therapy logistics offerings


Evo 1.0 monitoring system combines with Extreme 1.5-L containers and dewars

A year ago, Savsu Technologies targeted the fast-growing cellular and genetic-therapy (CGT) field with a dedicated monitoring and reporting system and tailored packaging for shipping parcel-quantity volumes of biologic materials. Now, both offerings have been upgraded, says the firm.

Exact details are sketchy about the offerings, but company literature and press releases indicate that the SaaS-based Evo 1.0 monitoring system is tailormade for CGT materials, with the monitoring system providing near real-time reporting of temperature,

humidity, shock, vibration, light, location, and geofencing, and has an upgraded user interface. Evo Extreme containers now can be specified (mostly by the source of cold) for the 2-8°C (wet ice or phase-change material) and -80° (dry ice) regimes (other models handle controlled room-temperature, and cryogenic based on liquid nitrogen vapor). The units have a proprietary composite core material (which hold liquid nitrogen such that only vapor circulates inside the container) and newly designed, sensor-containing cap.

Earlier this year, Savsu announced a partnership with World Courier for transporting and tracking its containers, and continues to work with another partner and equity investor, BioLife Solutions, on cryopreservation technologies.

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