Schreiner MediPharm equips Cap-Lock security label with RFID technology


Label-and-cap for prefilled syringes now enables automated inventory and supply chain management

Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based provider of functional labels for the healthcare industry, has augmented its Cap-Lock tamper-evident specialty label with an RFID inlay.

Cap-Lock label now equipped with RFID inlay. (Credit: Schreiner MediPharm)

Developed to expand digitization initiatives at hospitals, the label-and-cap security concept for prefilled syringes now enables automated inventory and supply chain management, as well as digital first-opening indication. In doing so, the new Cap-Lock plus RFID offers product authentication and enhanced patient safety.

Equipping syringes containing liquid medications with RFID labels poses a challenge, as both the container material and the composition of the liquid may impair reading of a UHF RFID label. Flag labels protruding from the container are frequently used for this purpose; however, these typically require additional space, are prone to being torn off and must be applied manually.

With the enhanced Cap-Lock, the RFID chip is integrated within the label, which wraps around the syringe body and cap adapter and, once opened, provides irreversible tamper evidence due to an integrated perforation.

The RFID inlay is located in the upper part of the label at the level of the cap. It mostly sits outside the liquid-filled area and enables long-range reading. The label can be automatically processed as part of the primary container’s normal labeling workflow, according to the company.

Schreiner MediPharm’s US facility is located in Blauvelt, NY.

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