Scripta, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company Partner Up on Drug Price Transparency


The agreement provides Scripta patients with another option when purchasing medication.

Green pills in blister pack, red pills separately, top view. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/An-T

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/An-T

Scripta Insights, a digital health company that develops pharmacy navigation solutions for self-insured employers, health plans and their members, is teaming up with Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (Cost Plus Drugs), in order to make prescription drugs more accessible and affordable to patients.

Specifically, Scripta is working to integrate Cost Plus Drugs’ discounted pricing into its proprietary “Med Mapper,” adding to its portfolio of savings strategies that help members save money on their out-of-pocket costs. Through its member app and portal, Scripta provides members with personalized savings reports that reveal all their medication options, whether that’s switching to an alternative prescription available through their health plan or a cash pay option like Cost Plus Drugs.

“We are excited to work with Scripta Insights to bring lower prescription drug prices to consumers,” says Alex Oshmyansky, CEO of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company. “Cost Plus Drugs and Scripta Insights share a common goal of providing consumers the lowest possible price for their prescription medications. With Cost Plus Drugs, consumers can be confident they are getting a fair price and the convenience of medication mailed directly to their homes.”

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