Softbox acquires TP3 Global, adding thermal blankets to cold chain packaging


wo UK companies join forces for pharma cold chain

Softbox has acquired the developer of the Silverskin brand of reflective and/or insulating blankets, used for pallet protection and other steps in the transportation of temperature-sensitive healthcare products. Both companies have an international presence, with Softbox having locations in England, South Carolina and Oregon in the US, Singapore and India, and TP3 Global with sites in England, Arizona in the US, Australia and India.

Softbox’s most recent new product is the Aeon container, a passive container employing vacuum insulated panels and designed for reuse. TP3 Global’s most recent product introduction is SilverQuilt, a multilayer blanketing material that provides insulation, reflectivity and water resistance. (Oddly, both companies like the word “silver” in their brands, with Softbox offering the Silverpod pallet shipper, and TP3 Global with SilverSkin in addition to Silverquilt.)

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