Softeon Unveils New Capabilities to Supply Chain Software


Platform expected to allow customers to meet various logistics requirements, company says.

Softeon, a supply chain software provider, revealed the addition of multiple proficiencies across its software solutions, specifically designed to support the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Reportedly, the capabilities of these systems have led to several deployments across pharmaceutical companies, e-pharmacies, medical device manufacturers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) serving the pharma sector.

Some of the main solution components in the organization’s logistic platform include its branded warehouse management system, warehouse execution system, and distributed order management systems. Softeon continues to add capabilities to these areas, especially when it comes to 2023 Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) serialization support, cold chain management, controlled substance handling, and clinical trial logistics.

“Softeon has architected a solution for healthcare, medical devices, biologics, and pharma logistics that is functionally rich, regulatory compliant, and extremely agile in delivery,” says Shyam Krishna, VP of healthcare solutions at Softeon.

Read more about the software here.

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