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Komodo-BHI agreement grows patient database to 325M

Komodo Health, a software platform company, and IT provider Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) have reached a multi-year agreement to integrate BHI’s patient data into Komodo’s Healthcare Map, which provides a view of patient encounters with the US healthcare system. Together, the combined Komodo database captures the patient journeys of more than 325 million de-identified individuals, creating, Komodo says, the largest, deepest and most diverse single source of real-world patient data in the US.

BHI offers a longitudinal and conformed data set of de-identified and HIPAA-compliant medical and pharmacy commercial claims data. By incorporating BHI data into its Healthcare Map, Komodo Health not only expands its representative patient population—it also adds deeper and more diverse coverage to create a more accurate view of individual patient experiences. For instance, these insights can further prepare healthcare stakeholders to understand gaps in care, uncover opportunities for early intervention and find clinical trial candidates.

Healthcare and life sciences companies use Komodo’s Healthcare Map to support various R&D, commercial and medical affairs initiatives. Daily cases include profiling of discrete patient populations and providers; analysis of diagnosis patterns and treatment milestones; monitoring of patient movement between providers; and continuous tracking of treatment progression.

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