Sustainability Report Reveals That SkyCell Now Runs Completely on Renewable Energy


In effort to assist pharma supply chain, company’s end goal is net-zero emissions by 2040

SkyCell, a manufacturer of pharma containers, has released its second annual sustainability report, outlining the progress made in achieving net-zero emissions within the entire supply chain and making pharma supply chains more sustainable. In 2021, the Swiss company successfully transitioned their operations to run solely on renewable electricity.

Reducing the carbon intensity of its shipments has been a vital part of the company’s emissions reduction plan. SkyCell notes that it has made progress, due to the improvement of its container design, material use, and production process. Its newest container, the 1500X, has achieved even greater weight and space efficiencies, weighing 379 kg (836 lbs).

SkyCell has tried to adhere to the principles of the circular economy by implementing processes to reuse, repair, refurbish, and recycle its containers to minimize environmental impacts. Last year, the company established its first in-house production center in Switzerland using robotic production, increasing the life cycle of containers with its improved build-quality.

“Helping to prevent climate change is one of my top missions as a father and engineer,” says Nico Ros, CTO and co-founder of SkyCell. “I wanted to prove that as engineers, we are capable of designing solutions that can redefine industry standards, cut CO2 emissions, and crucially reduce costs at the same time.”

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