A wireless, IoT approach to sub-zero Covid vaccine temperature monitoring


In alternative to traditional data logging, company launches sensor targeting quick and safe vaccine storage

Swift Sensors, a provider of industrial internet of things (IoT) sensor solutions, has launched its secure wireless vaccine storage unit monitoring and alert system, which, the company says, allows medical facilities and pharmacies to remotely monitor Covid-19 vaccine storage temperatures, automate data logging, and respond promptly in the event of an equipment issue or power failure.

As vaccine suppliers and public health agencies expand the number of locations for vaccine delivery, pharmacies and clinics must be able to rapidly and safely store the vaccines to preserve the vaccines’ efficacy, prevent waste, and follow data monitoring regulations.

SS-SEN-110 Wireless Sub-Zero Temperature Sensor. Credit: Swift Sensors

In hopes of achieving these objectives, the SG3-1010 wireless gateway sends data to a secure, cloud-based Swift Sensors console account, which can be accessed by pharmacy and clinic managers via computer or mobile device.

An option of two temperature sensor models with each package is available, as the SS-SEN-110 Wireless Sub-Zero Temperature Sensor measures temperatures from -320°C (-544°F) to 302°C (575.6°F). The SS3-105 Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor reads temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to 125°C (255°F).

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