Syneos Health inks deal for RxDataScience


Using AI and data engineering insight, purchase offers customers potential to shorten clinical trials and accelerate time to commercialization

To further its objective of providing biopharma customers with technology-enabled, insights-powered solutions, Syneos Health, a biopharma clinical and commercial solutions organization, has acquired RxDataScience, a healthcare-focused data analytics, data management and artificial intelligence (AI) company.

RxDataScience’s platform allows biopharma companies to transform large amounts of data into actionable insights—teams of product managers, data scientists, engineers, developers and domain experts weighing insights from providers, payers and patients contribute to RxDataScience’s skillset. More specifically, the company contributes new capabilities and data engineering and management knowledge, along with enterprise analytics, that speed up the time to commercialization for products and customer performance, with the ability to shorten clinical trials and modernize medical affairs and commercial programs.

According to Syneos Health officials, the purchase brings solutions that go beyond basic reporting to augmented intelligent insights and biopharma analytics platforms. RxDataScience’s product lifecycle offerings include scientific computing for R&D, patient journey, decentralized trials, real-world evidence (RWE), predictive analytics and commercial market research.

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