Temperature Assurance Packaging (TAP) program gathers momentum


Sonoco ThermoSafe’s foray into quasi-academic training holds first meeting; plans on 2017 sessions

While there are plenty of learning opportunities for industry personnel involved with life sciences cold chain practices, there is relatively little to be had from academia or professional associations. That gap is being addressed by Sonoco ThermoSafe, which announced the TAP certification program earlier this year, and held its first training session during this fall’s IQPC Global Cold Chain Forum. Some preliminary results are now in, and the company is making ambitious 2017 plans.

Several dozen industry professionals have participated in an online distance-learning module, and more than a dozen attended the first in-person session at IQPC, according to Vishal Khushalani, director of global business development at Sonoco ThermoSafe. (The online fundamentals module, available here, is a required first step; the in-person professional training follows.) Reaction of the attendees was generally favorable, with comments attesting to the collaborative education and the quality of the teachers, he says.

At least four in-person sessions are planned for 2017, in conjunction with regional IQPC meetings:

London, Feb. 2

Toronto, Canada, Feb. 27

California (location TBD)

Chicago (location TBD)

The program provides a certificate of professional course completion. Additional sessions, diving deeper into aspects of temperature-controlled packaging and logistics, are being planned, based on participant feedback. The Packaging School, associated with assistant professor of packaging science Andrew Hurley of Clemson University, is also involved.

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