Thermo Fisher launches novel medium for T-cell expansion


Technology designed specifically for allogeneic cell therapy workflows

Thermo Fisher Scientific has created a new platform for the development and expansion of human T lymphocytes (T-cells) for cell therapy developers using allogeneic workflows. The Gibco CTS OpTmizer Pro Serum Free Media (SFM) is a platform that targets the metabolism of healthy donor cells, possibly making it suitable for use in the production of allogeneic, off-the-shelf cell therapies.

Unlike autologous cell therapies, which are produced using a patient's own cells, allogeneic cell therapies are taken from healthy donor tissue, potentially enabling more scalable, cost-effective cell therapy manufacturing, the company says. The Gibco CTS OpTmizer Pro SFM increases donor T-cell proliferation, maintains central memory T-cells further into expansion and delays effector differentiation of healthy donor T-cells, resulting in faster, increased production of central memory cells.

Th tool's packaging is suited for closed systems and is manufactured using current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards. According to Thermo Fisher, this serum-free media works with automated and longer workflows, providing an economical design that helps maintain cell quality and increases the effectiveness of cell-based therapies.

It should also be noted that this platform is for research use or manufacturing of cell, gene or tissue-based products. It is not intended for direct administration into humans or animals.

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