Today’s Medicine Requires High-Touch, Customizable Third-Party Logistics


Your specialty therapies aren’t just going from Point A to Point B. Your partner in 3PL should be able to customize solutions to meet your specific demands.

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The steady emergence of specialty medications is shaping a biopharmaceutical landscape characterized by increasing customization. It’s an exciting development, full of promise for the personalized treatment of complex diseases including rare and orphan therapies. But the

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growing customization of specialty therapies also creates a host of new challenges for biopharma companies around the logistics of distribution.

Biopharma companies that partner with a third-party logistics (3PL) specialist offering scalable, flexible, high-touch services — including resources attuned to the specialty therapy industry’s growing customization, changeability and complexity — will be the most favorably positioned to compete. In fact, in the current rapidly expanding market, access to that level of customization from a 3PL partner isn’t merely an advantage, it’s a requirement.

Here are four ways your 3PL partner can customize their services to meet your needs.

1. Offer the deep resources and experience of a large company while also providing the attention to detail and individualized, hands-on service of a small, dedicated team.

At RxCrossroads, we accomplish this by allocating dedicated program managers to each therapy we represent for our customers. This unique approach to client relationships allows us to become an integral part of the company’s team and tailor distribution services that align with the client’s culture and strategic goals. The model also allows us to adapt more quickly to market changes on our client’s behalf and execute under tighter time constraints as needed — a major benefit in an environment marked by uncertainty.

2. Demonstrate a deep understanding of your company and your therapies and tailor offerings based on that understanding.

One of the first steps to take with your 3PL partner should be an on-site meeting with its customer service and operations teams. You should feel confident that your 3PL partner knows about your products and the impact those products are having on patients’ lives. You should also get an early bird’s-eye view of your 3PL partner’s footprint and operations. For RxCrossroads, this is a critical first step when we engage with a customer. Understanding our customers’ product value is essential to offering good service and helps set a shared purpose between our collective teams.

For example, if your therapy requires cold-chain needs, we’re well-equipped to handle them. With high-touch processes, deep resources and expertise, we offer flexibility of materials and a state-of-the-art-technology warehouse-management platform. This platform includes multiple refrigerant options for cold-chain lanes and can result in shorter turnaround times. Our industry-leading temperature-testing process provides a greater level of transparency than traditional testing, improving accuracy and productivity. From active battery-operated refrigeration to a wide range of customizable insulation options, our full suite of services could make the difference in your company’s growth.

3. Offer a single point of contact dedicated to moving each therapy.

Biopharma companies invest enormous amounts of time and resources to develop and launch their products, and it’s critical that they reach the right providers and patients who can benefit from them.

Having a dedicated program manager as a logistics expert gives biopharma companies the confidence of knowing they have a dedicated resource who is immersed in their product, understands their business goals and consults with them on the best way to identify and leverage opportunities they might not even have considered.

At RxCrossroads, we select program managers for our clients based on a matrix of variables to ensure the client has the best person to position them for success. These variables include the culture of the organization, knowledge level in the particular therapeutic category and familiarity with the types of customers the client will be targeting with their therapy.

4. Act as a true extension of your team.

Your teams juggle many priorities and workstreams to support product launches. Leveraging a logistics expert frees up resources to focus on other vital commercialization tasks. From handling day-to-day logistics to offering strategic value by serving as the logistics interface for your business, our 3PL allows you to continue to focus on building out your product portfolio.

The ability to serve as an extension of your company in this regard is an essential part of being a 3PL partner of choice. Companies look to RxCrossroads as a trusted partner to become a part of their brand, represent them strategically and accurately and help them make the best 3PL decisions for their business.

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