Tower Cold Chain Submits Its First-Ever Sustainability Report


The document reiterates the company’s commitment to ESG principles, including carbon neutrality by 2030.

Image Credit: Tower Cold Chain

Image Credit: Tower Cold Chain

Tower Cold Chain, who was recently interviewed by Pharmaceutical Commerce at LogiPharma Europe,1 has published its first Sustainability Report,2 which outines the company’s pledge to following environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. The report also lays out the environmental benefits that come with using its passive temperature-controlled containers for the transportation of pharmaceuticals and life sciences products.

The report is free to download from Tower’s website, and is headlined by the company’s sustainability roadmap, which places its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 front and center. Tower’s ESG strategy is supported by internationally recognized benchmarks, such as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Global Report Initiative (GRI).

“As we address the challenges presented by our industry, Tower Cold Chain is called upon to foster innovation and collaboration among all stakeholders, shaping the way we operate and the solutions we provide,” said Niall Balfour, Tower’s CEO. “In recent years, we have successfully introduced products and services that enhance and optimise our sustainability efforts, both as a supplier and as an employer. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and it brings me great pleasure to share the strides Tower Cold Chain has taken in working towards this ambitious goal in this new report.”

Pertaining to climate-related opportunities, Tower has set a goal of achieving a target of sourcing 20% of its energy from renewable solar sources by 2024. It also wants to switch to fully electrified operations by 2025, which would involve phasing out natural gas consumption on site.

The container company is also committed to measuring its direct greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1) from its site in New Jersey and Singapore; emissions would start to be reported the following year.

Other report highlights include:

  • ·A detailed explanation of how Tower containers enhance supply chain sustainability through product innovation, development and circularity, which is accomplished via the company’s fully reusable containers, which have the capability of remaining in circulation for extend periods
  • ·A breakdown of the company’s social commitments to its workforce and the wider community
  • The goal of having 100% of employees in its Centers of Excellence and at all role levels to have received regular performance and career reviews by the end of this year—Tower has expressed that “the importance of employee performance reviews is recognized and a well-established system is in place to ensure regular assessment and feedback.”

Tower Cold Chain also expressed great pride in its dedication to product quality and safety.

“We are proud to announce that we have maintained a perfect record of compliance, with zero incidents of non-compliance with regulations concerning the health and safety of our products and services,” the company noted in its report. “This achievement is a result of our rigorous assessment process, where all our products undergo thorough evaluations for health and safety impacts.

“Our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance remains unwavering. Tower Cold Chain are dedicated to delivering products and services that fully satisfy the needs of our customers and other interested parties. Aligned with our core values and business strategy, our primary goal is to consistently achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and safety by providing exception service and exceeding expectations.”


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