Trade & Channel Strategies 2023: An Interview with Bayer's Spencer Miller


Bayer executive talks Enable Holistic Hub and Provider Services panel.

In an interview with Pharma Commerce editor Nicholas Saraceno, Spencer Miller, Director, Market Access, Trade and Payer, Bayer, previews the Enable Holistic Hub and Provider Services session.

Pharma Commerce: Based on your panel discussion, what is the importance of patient and provider access and support solutions?

Miller: I think it's super important to not only think about the patient journey throughout the prescription that's being written by the physician, but to be mindful of multiple journeys on that path from being prescribed medication to fulfillment.

Pharma Commerce: What are key decision points when considering patient and provider access and support solutions?

Miller: There's precision points all through the journey we just spoke about. The initial decision point around what's my strategy if I'm in distribution. That begins probably 18 to 36 months before the drug launches. Once a drug launches, how do I get it into the ecosystem? Are there analog products that I want to mirror or do I want to go on a different sort of "choose your own" journey with the physicians and the patients. Once you get that prescription pen to paper, then we talk about the patient journey. We need to make sure that we are continuously discussing the ethics of what we're doing, measuring that, and making sure that we're doing our due diligence to ensure the best experience.

Pharma Commerce: Given that you will be a part of a session surrounding “Trade 101 for Existing Products,” what do you believe are the fundamentals for success in this sector, especially for newcomers?

Miller: This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have a heart for training people and bringing folks who are newer to trade distribution up. We're really excited to present this new colleague that I just met named Amanda. This is her first attending, she's also on a panel with Paul, ironically. She's getting baptized by fire. The goal of this is to truly bring trade distribution and what it looks like to the masses. Then, we'll get into specifics on how we interface with the stakeholders inside these organizations. Hopefully, this becomes an annual session.

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