Training kit for prefilled syringes are now available


Devices modeled after the BD UltraSafe units

At the just-concluded PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes meeting (Orlando, FL, Oct. 8-9), Noble, an Orlando, FL, manufacturer, demo’d a new training platform for patients using prefilled syringes based on BD syringe designs. The training units (which simulate the administration of a drug, but do not contain the drug) include simulations of the needle guard and locking mechanisms proprietary to BD syringes, mock needle tips, and customizable flanges and plungers. The mechanisms are resettable, enabling patients to perform refresher training, and were designed in collaboration with BD.

At the PDA meeting, Noble also released the results of a clinical study of the effects of patient training with its devices, generally supporting their value. “We believe these results can assist pharmaceutical manufacturers in creating effective combination product onboarding programs that can help healthcare professionals and patients close the training gap, thereby reducing patient errors when using autoinjectors,” said Joe Reynolds, research manager at Noble.

Over many years, Noble has carved out a vital space for its business in providing training tools and visual aids that enable healthcare providers to work with patients before sending them off with what could be highly expensive dosages of drugs in prefilled syringes, autoinjectors, respiratory devices or on-body dispensing mechanisms. The company reports increased patient satisfaction and improved patient adherence, and reduction of the fear of needles that many patients experience. The company can provide these simulators in kits containing instructions, interactive audiovisual aids and accessories.

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