TrialCard builds out its market access services with Policy Reporter

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Latest acquisition adds data on payer policies, formularies and prior authorizations

TrialCard, which cut its teeth on managing copay and coupon programs for pharma marketers, then built out a full-fledged patient support program, now seems to be rounding the bases with its latest acquisition: Policy Reporter, a Bellingham, WA-based information service on payer policies and practices. By collecting data on ever-changing policies, TrialCard will be able to match its various patient-support activities with payer requirements or, as TrialCard describes it, “to create the leading end-to-end patient access solutions organization.”

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to benefit from TrialCard’s experienced and professional commercial team and its expertise in the hub and co-pay assistance markets,” said Drew Gutschmidt, Policy Reporter CEO. “With TrialCard’s support, we look forward to offering new and innovative market access solutions … Today is a great day for the brands that we support and the patients we serve.”

The acquisition (for an undisclosed price) is the fourth that TrialCard has consummated in just over a year. In October 2018, TrialCard acquired TC Script, a non-commercial dispensing pharmacy located in Scottsdale, AZ. In January 2019, it bought Raleigh-based competitor Rx Solutions. And in September 2019, TrialCard completed a deal for Mango Health, a provider of mobile-based medication and adherence solutions for the life sciences sector.


It’s worth noting that, according to a just-released survey from Helio Health, 95% of pharma companies polled provide a copay or voucher program—and that’s just one of the bundle of financial and support services being provided by industry today.