UBC Doubles Down on Patient Support


Acquires MarketShare Movers, as company aims to provide patients with affordability services

UBC, a provider of patient support and late-stage support services within the biopharma and healthcare space, announced today that it has acquired MarketShare Movers (MSM), a data-driven prescription drug benefit and affordability company.

With this deal, UBC executives note that the company will be extending its services to include an innovative affordability solution to patients and clients, with drug adherence—the concept of helping patients not only start but remain on therapy—being a major focal point. The company also hopes to tackle the financial barriers that patients face.

“This acquisition enriches what we can offer to our current and future clients, inclusive of adding a full-service co-pay offering,” says Nicole Hebbert, senior vice president of UBC Patient Access Services. “The MSM Team will bring a specific expertise in modeling affordability programs to achieve optimal access to patients. By leveraging a new set of tools from MSM, we will be able to help more patients achieve rapid access to medications and achieve their therapeutic goals. MSM adds to the decades of experience that UBC brings to our patient access, engagement and clinical nursing support services, translating into compelling, evidence-based recommendations for clients to consider.”

Last June, UBC collaborated with SureScripts, a health information network, a move that enabled healthcare providers (HCPs) to integrate risk evaluation and mitigation strategies (REMS) enrollment processes, clinical studies and registries, along with patient support services (including hub, reimbursement and care coordination) without the need to leave their electronic medical record (EMR) workflow.

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