United Air Cargo approves va-Q-tec passive containers for temperature-controlled shipping


Container supplier opens a US branch office to accommodate business growth

The va-Q-tainer is a pallet-sized, rigid-metal container for passive control of life sciences products, and is now available for use in United Air Cargo’s TempControl service, as well as conventional air freight (EXP) from the Chicago-based international carrier. The device also features real-time tracking and onboard datalogging, and is available for both US- and European-standard pallet sizes. Andrew Heholt, regional manager for va-Q-tec, says that besides the container’s “robust” temperature control (up to 120 hours, with the appropriate loading of gel packs), it is available for sale, lease or rental, giving shippers the flexibility in how they manage their transport packaging.

Heholt spoke from the company’s just-opened East Rutherford, NJ office, which the Wurzburg, Germany, company has set up to accommodate growing business in the US. He says that demand in clinical trial logistics is especially strong currently.

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