UPS Healthcare Logistics adds prequalified packages to its cold chain services


Service eases the management of domestic US shipments to trading partners and patients

Offering to streamline the cold chain delivery-selection process while providing economies of scale through standardized configurations, UPS Healthcare Logistics is now marketing four packaging lines (Med 100, 200, 300 and 400), each with a range of sizes and options for temperature-controlled duration. The packaging (which is delivered to the shipper) also aligns with UPS’ Temperature True service options, which allow for preselected overnight, two-day or other delivery options. “Healthcare customers benefit from more expertise and options created to minimize costs and maximize efficiency when time and temperature control is the highest priority,” said John Menna, UPS VP of global strategy, healthcare logistics, in a statement.

The range of sizes and temperature control covers many applications in clinical trials, diagnostic specimens, direct-to-patient or —physician deliveries of single doses, and commercial-scale shipments. Capacities range from 1.2 to 39.6 liters. Temperature regimes cover frozen (

UPS Healthcare Logistics has had a packaging-design and validation lab for years; that capability enables the company to assist clients with the qualification steps necessary for regulatory approvals, says Menna. It is also being extended to UPS clients outside the US.

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