US Bioservices offers real-time pharmacy records to payers


Service closes the loop on managing specialty-pharmaceutical therapy regimens

US Bioservices, the pharmacy unit of AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group (Frisco, TX), has announced that its existing patient and physician Web portal,, is now being opened up to insurers and payers, offering them comparable access to the patient activities. In practice, case managers at insurers would look at these data, available in real time, to monitor the therapy of their clients, and to enhance care coordination. The service is said to be one of the first of its kind in connecting pharmacy records with patient and physician activity.

"We know the journey that patients take in today's healthcare environment can be complex. Maximizing care in this environment requires accessing information and support from multiple care providers and stakeholders," said Kevin James, VP of payer strategy, in a statement. "The MyPathpoint portal now offers insurance providers real-time information to assist with actively coordinating care in an effort to reduce expenses and improve outcomes."

MyPathPoint is secured and HIPAA-compliant, says the company. Among the data that are reported:

Prescription status

Adherence monitoring

Clinical notes

Shipment tracking information

Patient prescription and dispense history.

For many specialty products, these (and other data) are critical to maintaining effective therapy for patients; some service providers are also graded, by manufacturers and insurers, on their performance. The patient portal is yet another approach to what are generally considered “hub services” provided by manufacturers directly, specialty pharmacies, or third party providers in the growing specialty space. Coordination of care is the challenge for all these parties.

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