Verantos and Amgen form RWE pact


Partnership focused around providing real-world patient insight through advanced data and technologies

Verantos, a provider of electronic health record (EHR)-based studies for regulatory and reimbursement use, recently struck a partnership with biotech giant Amgen to launch an advanced real-world evidence (RWE) program focused on high-validity observational studies. Together, the companies have implemented studies in hyperlipidemia, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and heart failure to provide a look into unmet patient needs.

"As RWE plays an increasing role in clinical, payer and regulatory decision-making, being able to generate valid, high-quality RWE is a priority for Amgen," said Brian Bradbury, the company’s VP of observational research. "It is our goal to deliver timelier, clinically-meaningful and decision-enabling evidence from observational studies to advance care and improve the lives of patients. We partnered with Verantos based on their demonstrated expertise in real-world data curation and RWE creation."

Advanced RWE studies incorporate deep phenotyping from EHRs, leveraging rich narrative data and artificial intelligence. Deep phenotyping ensures accurate patient selection. These studies also incorporate a connection between claims data and real-world registries. This data linkage ensures broad coverage and understanding of patient exposures and outcomes, Verantos says.

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