Vial label has 10 detachable parts for documentation, medication safety tracking


Schreiner MediPharm develops the 10-part label as an extension of its Pharm-Comb series

Especially in clinical settings, having a multipart label serves a variety of safety and ease-of-use functions for nurses and other healthcare providers (HCPs). It is common in many settings to detach part of the label (which can contain the product name, dosage or other trackable data) and append it to a patient record. The detachable part can also serve as a step in documenting treatment for billing purposes. Overall, the multipart label ensures compliance with the “right drug, right patient…” mantra of HCPs.

To this end, Schreiner MediPharm (Baluvelt, NY) has developed an unusually comprehensive, 10-part label for an unspecified manufacturer of liquid analgesics dosed from a vial with a pipette (see figure). The 10-part label can be used to document the frequency of dosages of the drug. The label has a two-layer construction that includes production information plus the numbered label parts. Each detachable part contains fields where the date and administered dose can be entered by hand. Convenient starter tabs simplify the handling of both layers, and also make for simple detachment of label parts—even when wearing gloves—providing HCPs an easy means of placing individual adhesive labels in patient records.

“As part of Schreiner’s Pharma-Comb family of solutions, the new ten-part label facilitates quick and safe documentation and guarantees reliable tracking of medications,” said Gene Dul, president of Schreiner MediPharm U.S. “Among other benefits, the danger of possible overmedication is minimized: a crucial element especially when dealing with medicines that often are regularly dosed, such as analgesics.”

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