VIVEbiotech debuts lentiviral vector manufacturing plant


New facilities will allow Spain CDMO to ramp up its production capacity for cell and gene therapy sector

VIVEbiotech, a Spain-based contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that specializes in lentiviral vectors for the cell and gene therapy sector, is opening new facilities dedicated specifically to that purpose. The facilities will be able to manufacture batches, ranging from those for early-stage research to GMP (good manufacturing practice) for clinical and future commercial uses.

According to the CDMO, the transition between the facilities is expected to be finalized by October. These new accommodations—reportedly including the largest bioreactor currently available on the global market, along with seven cleanrooms—will allow the company to significantly increase its production capacity and provide commercial-size batches of lentiviral vectors to new and existing customers across the cell and gene therapy industry.

VIVEbiotech expects its production capacity to skyrocket by 400%, with an increase in average batch size per year from 20 in 2020, to 80 in 2022. With the upgrade, the company will be able to further develop its product portfolio, by scaling its delivery of products for all phases of clinical trials and commercialization.

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