Which company's reps are most favored by oncologists and hematologists?


Genentech wins in a first-of-a-series survey from J. D. Power and Associates

Called the 2013 Physician Manufacturer Experience Study, the survey measures oncologist and hematologist satisfaction with manufacturers, as defined by these criteria: sales representative interactions; contributions to advancing medical care; medical marketing practices; patient education programs and materials; and service process. J. D. Power and Associates, the Westlake Village, CA, consumer research firm, polled 450 oncologists and hematologists, who each evaluated up to five manufacturers, during March-April timeframe.

Genentech came out on top, with a score (on a 1000 scale) of 773. Novartis was close behind (769); the average across 13 companies was 761. The other ranked companies:

Genentech 773

Novartis 769

Bristol Myers Squbb 764

Celgene/Abraxis 761

Sanofi/Genzyme 757

Janssen Biotech 754

Eli Lilly/Imclone 749

AstraZeneca 748

Amgen 742

Pfizer 739

GlaxoSmithKline 735

Eisai 733

Merck 717

“Face-to-face detailing and diminished sponsored events are not the only changes in the world of pharmaceutical sales,” says J. D. Power in a statement. “Physicians are no longer gatekeepers in the same way they once were--more often working now as salaried employees within large delivery systems--and payers have greater influence on what medicines and services can be prescribed. Manufacturers have responded by developing more programs and solutions for patient assistance and medical staff education, yet these are often still set up through physicians.”

The company goes on to say that the relationship with sales representatives is still what most influences physician satisfaction. “Sales representative interactions is the most influential factor driving overall physician satisfaction with drug companies, slightly more impactful than contributions to advancing medical care,” it concludes.

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