Who earns the most in US life sciences? asks BioSpace


2019 survey results characterize the field by job, managment level and location

BioSpace, a recruitment and career-development website, has released its 2019 Salary Report for employees in the US. Among mid-level leadership roles, the title of "director of sales/marketing" garners the top pay, averaging $161,333; "associate director" (not otherwise specified) was next, at $158,165. "Senior engineer" averaged $126,167, and a variety of "scientist" titles were between $109,561 and $139,571. Salary growth was 4.4% over the year before; and 56% of professionals receive a bonus averaging $27,791. (Specific departmental jobs, such as R&D, quality and others, can earn more than these figures.)

The survey, based on self-reported data from an online campaign, found that the wage gap between men and women was 16.8%, and existed regardless of job title, level of education or geography. And this was true despite women constituting 52% of respondents.

The most lucrative region of the country for employment in life sciences is what BioSpace calls "Pharm Country" (essentially, the Middle Atlantic plus Rhode Island and Connecticut), just nosing out Northern California, and several thousand dollars (on average) above Massachusetts.

The full survey is available for download here.

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