Within3 Enhances Insights Management Platform


“Amplified iteration” advances the company’s ‘select, connect, discover’ insights management solution launched last year

Insights management company Within3 has announced new enhancements to its industry-first insights management platform for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. With more than 40 engagement applications across the platform, life science organizations “can now better understand their markets, increase the volume and diversity of insights, and accelerate decision-making across the drug development lifecycle—in a single, intuitive, and bespoke platform,” the company reports.

The platform enhancements are an evolution of the company’s ‘select, connect, discover’ insights management solution launched last September. The new, bespoke experience allows life science companies the clarity they need to answer their most pressing questions, including knowledge of their target market, insight from stakeholders, and how to turn that insight into action.

The Within3 Insights Management Platform simplifies the development of tailored market mapping. Dashboards bring prefiltered treatment patterns and locations of HCP influence, as well as identifying influential HCPs for engagement, while customizable definitions of disease communities answer highly specific questions. Year-round social listening, across the most relevant digital conversations, further refines and enhances market understanding.

“[T]his is a platform that will help to accelerate and inform decision making across the entire drug and device development lifecycle,” commented Within3 CEO Lance Hill.

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