World Courier doubles down in Sweden, rebrands its clinical trials business


Clinical Trials Supply Chain Solutions (CTSCS) becomes Clinical Supply Solutions (CSS)

World Courier, the global-courier company that is a leader in managing clinical trials logistics services, is opening a second facility in Sweden—this one in Gothenburg. The facility is near an airport and is equipped to handle all temperature ranges with GDP compliant, mapped, calibrated and monitored cold chain capacity and packaging capabilities, says a company statement. Customers who are shipping time and temperature sensitive items such as biological samples, medical devices and spare parts will benefit from the local presence, as well as those shipping documents, and clinical trial supplies. The new facility adds to the more-than 150 depots and stations that the company maintains globally; it also expanded a facility in Wales and expanded a ground-transportation business located in the UK.

Just prior to the Sweden announcement, the London-based company issued another release highlighting the name change of its clinical trials business. From the outside, it looks like splitting a fine hair to do so, but as Gurinder Shinmar, VP of operations at CSS, explains, “Following a very productive year both in terms of new business and product development, we felt that the CTSCS brand no longer reflected who we are and our service offering.

“Over the last 2-3 years our original singular focus on investigational drugs has given way to a broader focus on pharmaceutical supply chain,” Shinmar goes on to state. “We see our product range becoming more diverse, focusing on offering a range of services to improve both clinical trials and wholesale supply. The name Clinical Supply Solutions describes what it is we now do and our long term plans for our existing and potential client base.”

World Courier was acquired by AmerisourceBergen last year. AmerisourceBergen, the third-largest wholesaler in the US, is expanding operations in both the US and Europe through its alliance with Walgreens and Alliance Boots.

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